The ACAD Daily Wednesday 12.5.18

Happy Birthday

Core Values


Beau Farmer displayed kindness for sharing his breakfast with his peers in his advisory.


US Code of Conduct

Tutorial Locations

Student template for exam week

This is a week 3, today is a day 5.


Performers: Daniel Rouhani, Sarah Elisabeth Thurmond, Jessica Ford, Kira Avolio, and Meriel Flack.

candy cane

Candy-Grams for Sell! $1 to send a friend a special message! Stop by the Myers Gallery today through Friday! All proceeds help fund prom.

Holiday Celebration: Wednesday, December 5
Wednesday’s Special Schedule (Day 5)
8:10-9:15         Fine Arts and Student Choice
9:15-9:20         Advisory (attendance)
9:20-9:25         Walk to Sinkwich Spartan Center
9:30-10:35       HOLIDAY CELEBRATION
10:40-11:40     Period 5
11:47-1:25       Lunch/period 2
1:32-2:25         Period 3
2:32-3:20         Period 4
9-11 grades, please arrive to advisory by 9:15 (instead of 9:25) so that we can take attendance and not be so rushed. With your advisory, please walk to the Spartan Center at 9:20. It is not a special dress day for you but do dress warmly! We will sit on the left side of the bleachers if you are standing at the top. Please enter and exit from the top. Wait until all of the little ones have gone.

Seniors: Meet at the Tillman Center Turnaround by 8:45. You will ride a bus with your first grader to the Spartan Center. Don’t forget to wear special dress.

Holiday Angel Information

Holiday Angel Gifts due Monday, Dec. 10 by 9:00. Your gifts should NOT be wrapped.  Please put appropriately sized items in a plastic garbage bag.  Tape your information sheet securely to the bag.  Please label any large un-baggable items with your child’s name.  Please bring all your labeled Secret Santa items to the backstage area of PH.

Wear your favorite Holiday Sweater next Monday, Dec. 10! Competition during School Meeting!

Math Club Project!

Tetrahedron Instructions

On Tuesday, December 11, the Upper School Orchestra will be taking a field trip to perform a Holiday Concert at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.  Schedule:

9:25 brief rehearsal during Period 6 in PH

10:15 – LOAD BUS at Media Center turnaround

10:50 – Set-up, tuning and performance in atrium lobby PARMC

Performance approximately 11:10 am

12:00 – Lunch at Beechwood Shopping Center

We will return to Athens Academy by 1:25 p.m.

Next Tuesday, Dec. 11, we have a parade!

The schedule below is for the pep band, cheerleaders and football players who will parade through campus. Upper school students will gather from 8:33-8:38.

7:40-8:10 open car doors
8:10-8:15 prepare for parade in PS lobby (go to PS)
8:15-8:20 walk through PS (K5-K4-K3)
8:20-8:25 walk through LS
8:25-8:33 walk by outdoor classroom & to the MS (through 6th grade building; walkway towards and through Schacht (7th grade outside of Daughtry/5th grade outside of Schacht)
8:33-8:38 walk through trustees, connector, down walkway and towards the walking bridge towards Chambers – parade ends at Chambers (S&A students should gather at Chambers)
8:40 return to class



image (1)

abfca-5d2d98_1bcfb8e5d4f7454693467def045a06f4mv2Athens Area Homeless Shelter, 620 Barber Street Athens GA 30601

Please join us this Friday at 4:30pm for our next Shelter meal. 




From the College Counseling Office

Upcoming College Visits:



AlcEdu Class
Tuesday, December 4th-    8:10-8:40          Introduction (Day 4)
Tuesday, January 8th-        8:10-8:40          Know your Influences (Day 2)
Tuesday, January 15th-      8:10-8:40          Smart Decisions (Day 3)
Tuesday, January 29th-     8:10-8:40           Smart Decisions, part II  (Day 5)
Tuesday, February 5th-      8:10-8:40           Conclusion (Day 1)


TxtAboutIt Description for US Students


Class of 2019 Service Log

Class of 2020 Service Log

Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 


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