The ACAD Daily Tuesday 2.12.19

Happy Birthday

Joseph Frierson

Blaise Hequembourg

Core Values


CARE Club members showed KINDNESS, TEAMWORK and PASSION by holding a very successful Father/Daughter Dance!


US Code of Conduct

Tutorial Locations

This is a Week 1. Today is a Day 2.

Build Party!!

Come by Myers Gallery this Wednesday after school for a Math Club Build Party! We will have PIZZA and lots of tiny pyramids to build one big Sierpinski pyramid together.

Juniors taking the March 6 SAT on campus: don’t forget the upcoming Wednesday test prep sessions on February 13 (writing), February 20 (math), and February 27 (answer sheet preparation) in the Chambers Center Board Room from 8:00-9:00 a.m.  Please contact Mr. Cuneo if you have any questions.

Upcoming College Visits:
3/7 Oglethorpe University (Ethan Hawkland @ 12:55-1:25)

We have our Schacht Lecture next Wednesday, Feb. 20.  This is a special dress day so check to make sure you have something nice and appropriate to wear!

Schedule Below! Please take note that there is NO LATE START!

8:10-9:25 – Period 4
9:25-10:40 – Period 1
10:40-10:55 – Break
10:55-11:55 – Period 2
11:55-1:25 – Period 3

skateHelp Athens Academy Interact Club Ice Out Hunger skate

Help Interact earn money to host the Rise Against Hunger Event by ICE SKATING AT THE CLASSIC CENTER! Interact will be volunteering to work from 5:00-6:30 on Feb. 20 and will earn money for each skater so come on and let’s make it a big Spartan rink!

You may purchase tickets here:

To learn more about Rise Against Hunger:

On March 1 during second lunch, we will be holding a Career Panel breakout discussion with Mr. Wes Rogers from Landmark. If you are interested in business, commercial development or starting something from scratch…this is for you!


abfca-5d2d98_1bcfb8e5d4f7454693467def045a06f4mv2Athens Area Homeless Shelter, 620 Barber Street Athens GA 30601

Next Shelter Dinner: Feb 15th ! See you then!





From the College Counseling Office

Upcoming College Visits:





TxtAboutIt Description for US Students


Class of 2019 Service Log

Class of 2020 Service Log

Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 


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