The ACAD Daily Wednesday, 5.8.19

Happy Birthday

Maddie McDonald

Core Values


Seniors are showing TEAMWORK and RESPECT by helping each other prepare for exams and final projects!


US Code of Conduct

Tutorial Locations

Today is a week 2, Day 4

10:40 Today

9th-11th Grades meet in the Harrison Center PH to hear about scheduling for next year! We will then go back to our advisories! Seniors, you are free!

Seniors: You may dress down the rest of the week! Good luck on your AP’s!

eSports Spartan R.L. Green vs Spartan R.L. White TODAY at 3:40 pm in Mr Callinan’s classroom in the Parent’s Building. “Brother vs Brother in the Elite Eight”. If you are interested in watching, please go to the PH to watch on the big screen.



First student to get to Farmer/Olson office and sing the Star Spangled Banner gets a free lunch.

Family Picnic MCJ.jpg


abfca-5d2d98_1bcfb8e5d4f7454693467def045a06f4mv2Athens Area Homeless Shelter, 620 Barber Street Athens GA 30601


From the College Counseling Office

Upcoming College Visits:



Please click on the Mental Health Awareness Logo below to access advisory content for the Month of May.




TxtAboutIt Description for US Students


Class of 2019 Service Log

Class of 2020 Service Log

Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 


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