The ACAD Daily Monday, 12.2.19

Happy Birthday

Carrie Anne Kilgore (11/23)

Jackson McKillip (11/23)

Kitty Fan (11/27)

Georgia Parris (11/27)

Mary Brooke Barber (11/30)

JD Williams (11/30)

Kishan Shah (12/2)

Core Values


Betul Arpinar and Emily Sherrier showed KINDNESS by volunteering to walk students to the preschool in order to help their mom.

Meg Williams, Annie Cross, Madeline Ransom, and Maddy Wicker showed KINDNESS, TEAMWORK, and RESPECT by unloading and cleaning out the bus after getting home from the Macon basketball trip – and they did it all with a great attitude!

Today is a Week 3, Day 3

quote of the week



Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Attendance Policy

Student Life Schedule

Athens Academy Athletics and Activities Probation


Juniors:Click here to register for the March 4 SAT at AA.

Holiday Celebration this Wednesday!


Advisory at 9:15! Please note that this is 10 minutes earlier than our usual late start. Seniors be in the TC at 9:00
Walk to Sinkwich Spartan Center
9:30-10:35–Holiday Celebration

10:40-11:40–Period 5

abfca-5d2d98_1bcfb8e5d4f7454693467def045a06f4mv2Join us for Shelter Dinner Friday at 4:30


620 Barber Street, Athens, GA 30601


From the College Counseling Office

Blue Sheet

Please complete this College Visit Form if you have been on a college visit or plan to attend a college visit:  College Visit Report


TxtAboutIt Description for US Students

Class of 2020 Service Log

Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 


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