The ACAD Daily Wednesday, 8.19.20

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The best place for you to be on campus before your first scheduled class is one of the common upper school areas (preferably outside) while monitoring appropriate physical distancing practices. 

Please remember that anyone leaving or returning to campus at any time for any reason needs to have parent permission. You can use the link below to sign in and out but parent validation is required. Parents may also use the link below.

SPECIAL UPDATE**Neck gaiters will no longer be permitted to be used as a face covering at school.  You are welcome to use them around town, but on campus we would prefer face coverings. We are sorry to share this news, but it is based on honest feedback from multiple healthcare professionals in the Academy family as well as a recent study done at Duke University. The study found that neck gaiters were actually more detrimental than no face covering at all.**

Happy Birthday

India Sheats

Camille Menzies

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Self Love on We Heart It

Maggie’s Moment

Laughing for 10 minutes burns 20 to 40 calories!

Core Values


Athens Academy Students and Teachers showed KINDNESS, TEAMWORK, PASSION, COURAGE and RESPECT by wearing masks, washing hands, watching your distance and completing your wellness checks!


Honor Statement Signing Today!
Go to your advisor/advisory and bring a pen!
And remember that the act of signing is pledging yourself to both the honor code and to upholding who we are as a community.
Please take a minute to review the Honor Statement, including the Honor Pledge that you will write on academic work.**It is NOT a dress up day***

A Message from Mrs. Digel Drake and Ms. Terry:

We are so excited to be offering library services again this year! In order to help students learning from home, and those on campus who do not have time to browse for a book, we have created a website to help all of you.

If you visit, you will find all of the new books that have come in since March 2020, as well as a link to our library catalog and a Google form on the very last tab of the website. You can use this form to request library items.

Once you submit your Google form request, we will check out the item to you if it is available, or place a hold on it for you if it is checked out to someone else. We will notify you when your item is available for pickup.

For on campus learners, there is a small bookshelf behind the library counter where you can pick your items up. To return an item, place it in the return slot at the library counter as you normally would.

If you are an At Home learner and cannot come inside the building, let us know, and we will make arrangements to bring the items out to you or to get them from you.

Attention Juniors and Seniors!

Athens Academy is partnering, for the second year, with the Department of Advertising and Public Relations in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia to offer select internships to juniors and seniors. This year, the internship will be virtual and students will be expected to meet weekly via zoom for approximately 1 hour on assigned dates. The internship runs September 2020 – April 2021.

Applications are NOW OPEN and applying is easy!

17 Applications are AVAILABLE NOW and due August 24 at 4:00pm!!

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply and interview. First round interviews will take place August 31 – September 2. We have 11 spots open this year!
Please join us for an information session about being a student ambassador this Wednesday, August 19 between 9:15am and 9:45am. You can also stop by the Deans office in Myers Gallery anytime.

Student Government
Class Officer Elections
Sign up on the Deans’ Door by Thursday
Speeches will be by class in the PH
Tuesday, August 25 – Seniors 10:52-11:25
Wednesday, August 26 – Freshmen 9:15-9:45
Thursday, August 27 – Juniors 10:52-11:25
Friday, August 28 – Sophomores 10:52-11:25
Interested in Running? Have Questions? See Mrs. Farmer

Honor Code Signing this Wednesday at 9:15! Details to come!

US Picture Day Thursday August 20

7:45am-3:30pm in the Bertelsmann Lobby

At Home Learners
3:30pm-4:30pm Bertelsmann Lobby
Retakes For Both
September 23 10:30am-12:00pm LS Discovery Center

Fall Play Information!

Auditions for this year’s Fall “play” will be held this Wednesday- Friday starting at 3:45 pm in the PH. Each auditionee will sign up for a 12-minute slot.  An audition sign-up sheet will be posted today on the double doors at the end of the Bertlesmann turnaround driveway right under the stairs that lead to my classroom.   Please do not hang out before or after your audition time.  BE SAFE!

The play is a monologue play about the boxes we are put in by society, gender, ourselves. It was written by alumna, Kendall Sherwood.  Kendall currently works as a writer and producer for the TV show “Hawaii 5’O”.

This play is SO timely!  Due to COVID, this year’s production will be like none other. Everyone is welcome to audition.  Home learners, those involved in other activities, everyone.  Since the play will not be performed live… we are moving another direction completely.  If you have ever been interested in being in the fall play… now is your opportunity!  Rehearsals will be limited and will take place during the school day, after school, and over zoom.  The time commitment has never been so little.  Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

If you would like a script e-mailed to you, email me and I will send you one!

Ms. T



Blue Sheet and Transcript Request

Senior Seminar Survey – Please Fill This Out ASAP

Testing On Campus Deadline Sign-up

SAT for Seniors:  Wednesday, September 23, 2020 – $85.00
ACT for Seniors:  Tuesday, October 6,  2020  – $65.00 (Registration closed)
SAT for Seniors:  Wednesday, October 14, 2020 – $85.00


Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 

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