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Happy Birthday

Neela Sudhagar


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Maggie’s Moment

Approximately 25-30 MILLION Christmas trees are sold each year!

Core Values


The November issue for the Spartan Review has just been released! 
Highlights from this issue are:
Election Year at ACAD, highlighting student opinions on the election,
ACAD Runs on Dunkin’, commenting on Dunkin’ Donuts’ rise to a favorite breakfast and coffee spot among teenagers, 
Final Volleyball Update, a walkthrough of Varsity Volleyball’s season, 
and so much more!
Check out the full link here:


A group of home learners and a group of campus learners have been working on service learning during club time on Wednesday mornings. The campus learners meet masked in Ms. T’s classroom, while the home learners zoom in. 
The next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 9:15 in Ms.T’s room.  The new service project will be making birthday cards for the resident’s of a local nursing home.  Ms. T has a few extra card packets, if anyone is interested in joining the group.  Let Ms. T know as soon as you can. 
Thanks so much, Ms. T


Attention Seniors and Juniors!! Youth Leadership Oconee Applications now open!!

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus, the 2021 Youth Leadership Oconee class will be slightly different than years past. We will strictly enforce safety guidelines and will pivot if and when necessary to ensure the safety of all participants.
This year SENIORS will have priority access to the program, juniors are able to apply but due to a
limited number of participant slots may not be selected.
All participants will be REQUIRED to wear a mask unless eating, drinking or outside with the ability
to properly socially distance. Thank you for your cooperation as we try our best to ensure the safety of all participants.
*Safety protocol may change as new COVID-19 guidelines are released or reversed, please plan to
be as flexible as possible.
You can use the link above to apply or stop by the Deans of Student Life office to pick up an application.

Seniors and their advisors: Please go to the MMM in the PH today after period 8 (10:45) so that we can talk about the Holiday Celebration which is Wednesday!

Ms. Evans is excited to share that she will be offering a new class next semester. Please read on for more information:
Honors Writing for Publication
Are you interested in creative writing or news writing but don’t know where to start? Honors Writing for Publication is for any student in grades 9-12 who wants to grow their writing skills and play with multiple genres. We’ll practice writing short stories, news articles, creative nonfiction, and more.The hands-on work of drafting, writing, and revising will largely be done during class time with minimal homework required. This is a wonderful opportunity to build your writing confidence, publish your work (a great addition to your college resumes!), and put your free time to good use. Students will also have a chance to aid in the production of the Spartan Review and the Lit Review.  


**Next steps: if you’re interested, please reply to Ms. Evans and Mrs. Bowles. Note whether you prefer meeting during Green Period or during your free period**

If you need the links to the at-home or return request forms, please email Ms. Rorey: Thank you!

Thank you so much for being diligent about wearing your masks! A few of you are still having trouble and for clarification, here is the process for you:

1. A faculty member will give you a warning.
2. After the warning, that faculty member will infract you and you will serve detention. This will be communicated to your parents as well.
3. After you serve detention, if another infraction occurs, you, your advisor, and your parents will meet with Mrs. Zalac and there will be escalated consequences.





For more details, click here!

Math Club Problem of the Week

Screenshot (3)

Clubs meet Wednesdays 9:15-9:45! Look out for an email from your club leaders!




Blue Sheet and Transcript Request

Upcoming college visits – all visits take place virtually from 12:55-1:30 (except where noted – links are in college names). 

The Peach State Tour is a free information session with admissions reps from Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and UGA. Register here.

NACAC virtual college fairs will occur through the fall. Students can register here. 


Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions

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