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Happy Birthday

Luke Cooper
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Maggie’s Moment

New York was briefly named “New Orange” instead of the “Big Apple.”

Core Values




Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 

Sign in and Out Link

Spring Semester Schedule

Juniors may dress down today for the SAT! You may also park in the senior parking lot!

Wednesday, March 24 – No classes (9th-11th conferences, SAT’s for 11th with conferences in the afternoon, seniors not on campus)

Thursday, March 25 – Thursday Schedule

Friday, March 26 – Friday schedule

If you are interested in performing in our Talent Show, please make sure that you email Lexi! (see her email for details!)

images (1)Easter Egg Huntimages (1)

Get ready for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny!

Thursday, April 1 after advisory!

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Safi is a human backboard! He wears his opponents down with his relentless consistency. However, he is not by any means one-dimensional – he hits hard when he needs to, attacks the net when the opportunity strikes and is not afraid to hit moon balls if that is what it takes to win the point. He is the winningest player on our team with a personal record of 8-0, giving up only 1 set in 8 matches and outscoring his opponents 95 games to 24! Way to go Safi! – Jami Cashin, Head Coach, Varsity Tennis

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“Carson excels at tennis because of her hard work and perseverance. She shows up to every practice ready to improve, always with a smile on her face and a great attitude. She works so hard to create a positive atmosphere so that practices are fun and the players enjoy their time together, all while inspiring her peers to work hard to improve their game. The team is so lucky to have her as their team leader this year, leading by example on and off the court. Even when she was injured, she was at every practice and every match, cheering on her teammates and helping them to stay focused and work hard. We are so excited to have her back on the courts and can’t wait to see what the season holds for her and the rest of the team! Congratulations Carson!” – Jami Cashin, Head Coach, Varsity Tennis

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Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month was established by Congress in 1987 to celebrate the achievements of women in American history. Each day this month, we will recognize women from America and other parts of the world who have made important contributions to humanity.


Hypatia (c. 370-415 C.E.) was an Alexandrian philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer whose academic achievements were overshadowed by her brutal murder. She was educated by her father, Theon, who was a renowned mathematician and professor at the University of Alexandria, and even collaborated with him on some of his commentaries. Hypatia became a scholar in her own right, writing on astronomy (including work with the astrolabe) and mathematics. She also pursued Neoplatonian philosophy and her public lectures were very popular. It was this popularity – and her promotion of ideas that were considered by Christians to be heresy – that made her a target of the new archbishop who was attempting to assert his authority in a struggle between religious and civil authority. When Hypatia was on her way to the university, a mob of Christian zealots dragged her from her carriage into a church where they stripped her and beat her to death. Though her murder and martyrdom to philosophy is remembered more than her scholarship, Hypatia was known as a woman of great knowledge, an excellent teacher, and perhaps the first woman in mathematics.



Need Help With Math?

Try Peer Tutoring!

Volunteer peer tutors are excited to help you understand concepts from class, figure out homework problems, prepare for a quiz or test, and improve your understanding. Benefits:

  • One-on-one / small-group help from a friendly and knowledgeable peer
  • Support for any class (Algebra 1 to AP Calculus BC)
  • In-person and online options available

Don’t forget you must sign in and out even if you have parent permission to leave! You will serve detention if you forget. We need to know if you are on campus. Thank you!!!

If you need the links to the at-home or return request forms, please email Ms. Rorey: Remember that you should expect to wait 24 hours before you are approved by the school. Therefore, do not submit the request late in the evening or early in the morning and assume that you will immediately have permission to attend online or return to school. Thank you!


Please help us stay healthy so we can continue to be together!


Thank you so much for being diligent about wearing your masks! A few of you are still having trouble and for clarification, here is the process for you:
1. A faculty member will give you a warning.
2. After the warning, that faculty member will infract you and you will serve detention. This will be communicated to your parents as well.
3. After you serve detention, if another infraction occurs, you, your advisor, and your parents will meet with Mrs. Zalac and there will be escalated consequences.

Clubs meet Wednesdays 9:15-9:45! Look out for an email from your club leaders!



Transcript Request

Junior College Night Resources for the class of 2022

Upcoming college visits – all visits take place virtually from 12:55-1:30 (except where noted – links are in college names). 

The first NACAC Virtual College Fair of the year is Sunday, January 31 from 1-7 p.m. ET. More than 500 colleges and universities will present more than 1,500 Zoom sessions.  Students can register for free at


Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions

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