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Happy Birthday
Sam Johnson
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Maggie’s Moment

The length of your forearm from elbow to wrist is the same length of your foot from heel to toe.


Core Values


Anvesha Das, Anan Shen, Ingrid Nilsson, Jessica Ford, Eli Condie, Kathryn Nichols and Clementine Acheson showed PASSION and COURAGE when they spoke at last night’s ACAD Talks! Very impressive!!

Meg Williams, Anan Shen and Hanna McLean showed KINDNESS, TEAMWORK, and PASSION for organizing ACAD Talks last night!

Philip Doherty always shows KINDNESS, TEAMWORK, PASSION, INTEGRITY and RESPECT as he helps us in the booth ALL THE TIME!


Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 

Sign in and Out Link

Spring Semester Schedule

Looking for a job?
Check out this Job Fair at The Classic Center on May 5!
Or how about working at the Athens Area Humane Society! AAHS is having 2 one-week summer day camps July 5th-9th & July12th-16th . One for 6-10 year olds and one for 11-13 year olds. They are looking for a few camp counselors preferably 18 years or older. This is a volunteer position. If interested please reach out to Holly Crymes at 770-356-9754


Attention: Rising Juniors and Seniors

Athens Academy is offering ACT and SAT test prep workshops on campus this June.  Don’t miss your chance to gain confidence and improve your scores on one or both of these tests–all in a familiar environment!
June 7-11: ACT (Verbal from 10-12 and Math from 1-3)–just in time for the June 12 national test date
June 21-25: SAT (Math from 10-12 and Verbal from 1-3)
Click here to sign up, or contact Mr. Cuneo if you have any questions.


The Drama Department’s spring production, Mythology’s Daughters shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm in the PH. This show was written by Mary Brooke Barber, Ann Harper Covington, Eleanor Connolly, AnAn Shen, Hilary Adams, Jessica Ford, and Moira Lockwood.  

Please take care to buy your tickets for the specific night you want to come. 

It’s time to begin our Executive Branch of Student Government Elections for next year! These are the five people you see on stage each Mid Morning Meeting.  These positions have certain qualifications:
Student Body President: Senior who has served on Student Government for at least one year.
Student Body Vice President: Junior who has served on Student Government for at least one year.
Director of Communications: Senior or Junior who has served as a leader in our community.
Director of Finance: Senior or Junior who has served as a leader in our community.
Director of Events: Senior or Junior who has served as a leader in our community.
*Remember when you see “Senior” above, that is referring to our current Juniors and when you see “Junior” above, that is referring to our current Sophomores”.
Candidates should tell Mrs. Farmer they are running by this Friday, April 23. There will be a sign-up sheet on the Dean’s door.
Here is the Student Government Constitution – it explains Student Government in general and each roll specifically. Feel free to talk with any of this year’s officers or stop by to talk with Mrs. Farmer if you are interested and want to learn more.
Speeches will be given on Thursday, April 29 during advisory time. Juniors will attend in person in the PH. We will broadcast to other grades in advisory. Voting will take place after speeches are given and results will be announced after school on Friday, April 30. Class Elections will be held in the fall.


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ClaraJane Williams is currently chasing the school record for goals in a single season by Alexis Yoculan who scored 51 in 2004..
She has averaged almost a hat trick each game scoring 47 goals in 16 matches (going into last Friday’s match with North Oconee). She scored the game winning goals in recent matches against Lovett and Mt DeSales. She is only a sophomore but is having a career season! – Steve Stewart, Head Coach, Varsity Girls Soccer
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Charlie unselfishly does whatever he can in the best interest of the team.He has proven to be a positive force in leading his team to a successful season! – Stefan Billmayer, Head Coach, Varsity Boys Soccer
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Spartan Sisters Guest Speaker: Suzanne Yoculan

Friday, April 30 during advisory time – all girls will be in PH

Seniors, we’d love for you to join as well!

Don’t forget you must sign in and out even if you have parent permission to leave! You will serve detention if you forget. We need to know if you are on campus. Thank you!!!

If you need the links to the at-home or return request forms, please email Ms. Rorey: Remember that you should expect to wait 24 hours before you are approved by the school. Therefore, do not submit the request late in the evening or early in the morning and assume that you will immediately have permission to attend online or return to school. Thank you!


Please help us stay healthy so we can continue to be together!


Thank you so much for being diligent about wearing your masks! A few of you are still having trouble and for clarification, here is the process for you:
1. A faculty member will give you a warning.
2. After the warning, that faculty member will infract you and you will serve detention. This will be communicated to your parents as well.
3. After you serve detention, if another infraction occurs, you, your advisor, and your parents will meet with Mrs. Zalac and there will be escalated consequences.

Clubs meet Wednesdays 9:15-9:45! Look out for an email from your club leaders!



HOPE/Zell Miller Info for Seniors


Transcript Request

Junior College Night Resources for the class of 2022


Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions

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