The ACAD Daily Wednesday 5.26.21

Happy Birthday
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Core Values



Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 

Sign in and Out Link

Spring Semester Schedule

Monday, May 24 – Friday Schedule

Tuesday, May 25 – Tuesday Schedule

Wednesday, May 26 – Wednesday Schedule

Thursday, May 27 – Thursday Schedule

Friday, May 28 – Monday Schedule with shortened periods (classes dismiss at 11:25):

8:10-8:55 (block 2)

9:00-9:45 (block 5)

9:50-10:35 (block 4)

10:40-11:25 (block 7)

Please remember that the chromebooks that you use will eventually be used again by a different grade. For instance, next year, the 9th and 12th grade chromebooks will be used by the lower school. So….it is important that you DO NOT PERSONALIZE them. We know that it is fun and you want to make it your own, but a future student will not want your stuff on it!
Here are some hints from Tech Support about removing stickers:
The stickers can be peeled off by hand, just note that too much force can possibly put pressure on the screen and cause it to crack, so they should be removed slowly. As for the leftover adhesive, spray goo gone on a paper towel and scrub it off. Same note about not using too much force.
Thank you so much for your help with this!


Hi Class of 2022,

Before you depart for the summer, please make an appointment to meet with Ms. Evans regarding your college essays. Sign up via the calendar link hereThere are appointments available June 1-14th. If you can’t come to campus during that time, you can also Zoom with Ms. Evans. Ms. Evans will be taking maternity leave for part of the fall, and so it is especially important that you connect with her now. You can meet with her at any stage in the process– whether you’re brainstorming, drafting, etc. You can also discuss supplemental essays with her. Sign up today!



Schedule for Next Year!

With much thought, consideration, and effort, we have created our schedule for next year. We are very
pleased with the outcome and believe that the students and families will be too. Next year, we will operate on a year-long, block schedule with days rotating A (periods 1-4) and B (periods 5-8). The first week will have three A days and two B days, and the following week will have the reverse. We will have a two-week rotation. Days will consist of four 85-90 minute classes, and the A/B rotation results in an eight-period schedule. All of this information may make it difficult to visualize, so click here so that you can see our new and improved schedule for next year. You’ll notice that every morning has a built-in time when the students should have a snack and/or break. Each week also has club time, advisory time, and seminar time. Therefore, along with a dependable rotation(Day A and Day B), we were very intentional about also allowing for non-academic time while considering a healthy flow to the day.


Silent Disco Party

May 27th 7:30-9:00   This Thursday!

Baseball Facility

Everyone may dress down for the remainder of the year!

Transcript Request

Junior College Night Resources for the class of 2022


Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions

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