The ACAD Daily Monday, August 23


Happy Birthday

John Hays- June 2
Ben Shar- June 4
Clara Jane Williams- June 4
Sydney Elrod- June 6
Frans Pienaar- June 6
Jamari Welch- June 6
Rachel Wicker- June 6
Clementine Acheson- June 7
Leo Gabara- June 7
Bo Manoll- June 10
Lilly Manoll- June 10
Gio Newsome- June 10
Ryland Marley- June 11
Thomas Collins- June 14
Ben Kesterson- June 15
Jimmy Humphries- June 17
Mark Tribble- June 17
Molly Smith- June 18
Charlie Sanderlin- June 19
Tristan Puckett- June 20
Jane Frierson- June 21
Popi Marquez- June 22
Emi Waldron- June 22
Safi Uddin- June 23
Jack Abernathy- June 24
Jonas Barnes- June 24
Courtney Coffeen- June 25
Rodrigo Vega- June 25
Ella Pulliam- June 27
Andrew Hill- June 28
Emmeline Land- June 30
Brennan Smith- June 30
Elliott Brown- July 2
Landrum Brown- July 2
William McKillip- July 2
Mikaella Murph- July 2
Kate Farmer- July 3
Ann Hayes Shaifer- July 3
Oliver Carrigan- July 6
Lexi Sennowitz- July 8
Mac Young- July 8
Ohm Patel- July 9
Will Wieczorek- July 10
Adam Lefkowitz- July 11
Tom Hollingsworth- July 14
William Murphy- July 15
Madeline Ransom- July 15
Annie Blanks- July 17
Robert Beckum- July 17
William Beckum- July 17
Brooke Farmer- July 17
Henry Smith- July 17
Adelaide Ellis- July 18
Brad DeMent- July 19
Westbrook Adams- July 20
Josh Coven- July 20
Sean Lopez- July 20
Parker Middleton- July 20
Maxwell Bracewell- July 21
Addison Ollendick-Smith- July 23
Will Warner- July 24
Joshua Xie- July 24
Nishil Patel- July 25
Will Hines- July 26
Connor Xie- July 27
Moussa Alserafei- July 30
Andrew Jones- July 30
Asa Drudge- August 1 
Ashton Beck- August 2 
Krish Chawla- August 2 
Walter Hequembourg- August 2 
Brinkley Williams- August 2 
Franklin Williams- August 2 
Anya Zalac- August 4 
George Barkley- August 5 
Taylor Ray-Bush- August 7 
Pratt Ferguson- August 8 
Millie McLanahan- August 8 
Charlie Vaughn- August 10 
Coleman Lowrance- August 11 
Luke De La Fuente- August 12 
Bailey McCurdy- August 14 
Camille Menzies- August 19 
India Sheats- August 19 
Annie Cross- August 20 
Sara Mack Lowe- August 20 
Caroline Woody- August 20 
Jack Mullen- August 21 
Josie Acosta- August 23
Hoke Lucas- August 23
Adair Marvel- August 23
Matt Can- August 27
Ashton Beck – August 27
Cristina Vega- August 28
Malone Overend-August 29
Price Swann-August 30
quote of the week


Typography banner card. Vector illustration.

More than half a million net people will have risen above extreme poverty this week! (Extreme poverty defined as living on less than $1.90 per day)


This is an A Week! Today is an A Day! At 9:45, go to advisory!

Check out ACAD Update

Chromebook Reminder

Please do not put stickers on your computers, other students will be using them after you. Thank you!



Don’t forget that Senior College Night takes place on Tuesday, August 24, at 7:00 pm. We will meet in person in the Bertelsmann Presentation Hall to make some important announcements and to discuss the college application process at Athens Academy.

One parent should come with you – yes, Senior, you should attend!

Late Start

Each Wednesday, you (all grades!) get to sleep in a little! Your first class starts at 8:45 instead of 8:10. You must be in your class and ready to go at 8:45. If you are late, you need to sign in with the QR Code.

You are more than welcome to be here earlier! If you do arrive before 8:45, just sign in with a QR Code in a common space, Deans’ office or at the front desk. You may hang out in any common space or the library.

Tillman Center Announcement:

Upper School Students are not allowed in the Tillman Center when Middle School Students are using it. Middle School finishes lunch at 11:55. Most of the time there are many Upper School Students either going in or lined up right at the door, waiting to get in before 11:55. PLEASE do not be on the ramp going down to the Tillman Center. Wait in Lampkin Plaza, go wash your hands and grab your lunch. Let’s give the Middle School Students room to leave! Thank you for your help with this!

Please wear your mask when you go into the Tillman Center and while you wait in line. You may take it off when you get to your seat to eat.

Tillman Center Snacks Available during these times:

Monday: 9:45-10:10
Tuesday: 9:45-10:10
Wednesday: 10:10-10:30
Thursday: 9:45-10:20
Friday: 9:45-10:10

Club Draft Assembly: Monday, September 13th

You’ll hear all about our clubs from club leaders!

Student Government Elections

Interested in running for a Class Officer position?
Check out this document to learn more: Student Government Constitution
Stop by the Deans’ office and we can tell you more too!
Sign up sheets available on Deans’ Door- Tuesday, Aug. 24
Last day to sign up – Monday, Aug. 30
Scheduled Meeting with Deans – Aug. 31 – Sept. 3
Speeches Due – Wednesday, Sept. 8
Speeches/Elections/Voting – Monday, Sept. 13

useful links

Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 


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