The ACAD Daily Friday, September 24


Happy Birthday

September 20 – Hampton Johnson
September 20 – Boone Presnell
September 21 – Jake Williams 
September 22 – Alex Hill
September 22 – Lucy Rentz
September 23 – Sean Jansen
September 23 – Sam Laughlin
September 24 – Aidan Saeed
September 24 – Alex Tally
September 25 – Julia Krehbiel
September 25 – John Maxwell McKillip
September 26 – Marie Rutledge
quote of the week
“The Best Preparation for tomorrow is by doing your best today.”
H. Jackson Brown

Typography banner card. Vector illustration.
A man in Malawi single-handedly created a hydroelectric turbine, providing power for his whole village for free!







This week is an A week and today is an A Day.

You may wear your Athens Academy T-shirts today!

Clubs meet this TODAY at 9:45!

Your club leaders will be reaching out to you with a location!



Look at this document for all you want and need to know about Homecoming:

Homecoming 2021


If you plan to bring a date from another school, please have them complete this form:

Homecoming Date Dance Form


Dress Up Days Next Week:

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Twin Day (you can “twin” with a bunch of people!)

Wednesday: Disney Character Day

Thursday: Jersey Day

Friday: Class Movie Genre Theme Day

Monday Madness!

Monday, Sept. 27, 7:00-8:30

Slaughter Field

image - 2021-09-20T090729.566
Mae is the heart and soul of our team. She is such a good senior leader and is always striving for the best for herself and her teammates. She is focused and consistent on a daily basis and is a true student of the game of volleyball – always searching for tactical and strategic understanding of everything we do. Mae is a great example to our whole team of what it means to give effort and to give to others selflessly. Congratulations, Mae and GO SPARTANS!” – Jane Thomas, Head Coach, Varsity Volleyball
image - 2021-09-20T090846.149
image - 2021-09-20T090850.878




Athens Academy Club Information and FAQ’s



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

useful links

Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 


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