The ACAD Daily Thursday, October 14


Happy Birthday

October 13 – Kate Hicks
October 14 – Wendy Oxford
October 16 – Jackson Hutton
October 16 – Clara McLanahan
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This is a B Week. Today is an A Day

9:45 Go to Advisory for Seminar

Good Luck to our actresses!

One Act Play

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 14, 15, 16 


Adults: $5 and Students: $2

Good Luck to our Volleyball team this week!
Tonight we are at home against Prince 5:00. This is the second round region match
We will play again on Saturday at Tallulah Falls.  If we win on Thursday, we will play in the Region Championship at 12:00 pm (at Tallulah) if we lose on Thursday, we will play in the consolation match at 10:00 am.


You may dress in Spartan Spirit-Wear today!

Take a look at this!

Artificial Intelligence, Humanities and Ethics Program Taught by Yale Graduates: Winter ’21

Inspirit AI is a 25-hour enrichment program that introduces middle and high school students to fundamental artificial intelligence concepts in order to work through socially impactful projects in areas including art, healthcare, education, law, and more. Developed and taught by our team of graduate students from Stanford and MIT, students receive a personalized, interdisciplinary learning experience with a student-instructor ratio of 5:1, and custom curriculum appropriate for complete beginners to more advanced students. Applications for our programs are now open and due October 15th. For our high school program, you can find more course information here and our HS application here. For our middle school programs, you can find our flyer here and our MS application here.

Progress Reports go out on October 22. If your grade(s) fall below a 70, you will be put on academic probation. Work hard and be in touch with your teachers. We want you to do well and know that you can! Please see our policy regarding this. 

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Athens Academy Club Information and FAQ’s



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

useful links

Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 


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