The ACAD Daily Thursday, March 31


Happy Birthday

March 28 – Leni Chandler
March 28 – Lauren Clementz
March 28 – Sadie Jordan
March 29 – Reece Foreman
March 31 – Jaila Salley-Barnett
March 31 – Sami Uddin
April 1 – Margalit Mauricio
April 2 – Seager Hunt
April 2 – Callie Walton



quote of the week

“Don’t try to lesson yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.”


Typography banner card. Vector illustration.
Scientists have found an enzyme to break down stubborn PET plastic, which is used for single-use bottles, clothing, and carpets!





This is a B Week and today is an A Day!

9:45 Meetings this week!

Thursday – Seminar in Advisory (Juniors meet in TC)

Friday – Advisory

The March issue of the Spartan Review is now live. Congrats to editors Jenna Cao and Sydney Elrod, and a big thanks to all of the talented writers featured in this issue. Check out great stories about Madam Cashin’s teaching career, the Spartan 5K, ESP’s annual fundraiser, Waffle House, and so much more!


Nathalie Lavender - SOTW

“Nathalie is a super competitor who brings 100% to every practice and competition. She is very coachable, totally dedicated, and a relentless competitor. Most importantly, while she is a fierce athlete, she is also compassionate and honorable in her dealing with teammates and competitors alike. We are going to miss her next season and beyond.” 
– Neville Anderson, Head Coach, Varsity Track & Field
Johnerio Holt - SOTW
“JJ has been a beast in the field this year. His victories stand as testimony to what dedication and commitment to hard work can achieve. What I really admire in Mr. Holt (he deserves to be addressed as Mr.) is the professional bearing he brings even though he is in high school. He is always polite and well spoken. Earlier this season, an opposing coach sought me out and lavished compliments on JJ. He was so impressed with his composure and politeness, so are we! – Neville Anderson, Head Coach, Varsity Track & Field

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Pi Digits Activity

  • Unless the weather goes bad, there will be a school-wide advisory activity this Friday!
  • The plan is to put all the digits of pi that everyone made on pi day in order, stretching from S&A towards the bridge. We will see how far it can go.
  • Each advisory will be assigned a certain section of the sidewalk and be given certain digits to put down.
  • The result should be over 300 feet long, and will be the biggest art project ever on campus!

Math Problem of the Week

IMG_0043 (1)

Anyone Interested in Running a 5K?

The Rise Together  5K is April 16th 8am!  Join us for a joy-filled morning of fun and fellowship!
Let’s fire up the dogs early On G-Day game Saturday with a great race for an amazing cause! All proceeds benefit ESP!  
Sign up online so that you can get your T-shirt! 
If you’d like to volunteer for service hours please click here


Thursday, April 28

8-10 people per team

$10/person entry fee

Team members, team name, uniform and fees due by Friday, April 15

Check out where your money is going: Samaritan’s Feet

More details to come about the day!



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

College Visit Formstack

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

useful links

Dress Code

Upper School Code of Conduct

Vehicle Registration 


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