The ACAD Daily Thursday, Sept.8




This week is a B Week

Thursday – A Day 9:45 Seminar (Seniors meet in PH, everyone else go to advisory locations)

Friday – B Day 9:45 Class Meetings Locations:

9- PH

10-Warner (Bertlesmann) amphitheater

11- Tillman Center

12 – Myers Gallery

Next Monday: September 12

9:00-9:30 Special Presentation on 9/11 Remembrance – Everyone to PH

9:30-10:15 Class Meetings – Announcements, Class Officer Speeches 

10:15-10:45 Advisory – Voting (Club Officers set up tables & meet in PH)

10:45-11:30 Club Draft Assembly – Everyone to PH

11:30-12:30 Visit Club Tables and Pizza Lunch (served in SA amphitheater)

12:30-2:30 Afternoon Activities

2:30-3:00 Advisory

Fire Drill TODAY at 10:15


Attention Juniors and Seniors! Use the link below to check out the Watson-Brown Junior Board opportunity! 2022-23 Applications are due September 9th!

Watson-Brown Junior Board

Young Dawgs are taking applications for internships this summer at UGA. You must be a current Junior and have at least a 3.8 gpa. If interested you should submit a current resume and cover letter to Jim Geiser at If you have questions please stop by and talk to the Deans.

The deadline for student-led course changes is Wednesday, September 21. Please use this form when making a request.

Happy Birthday

David Liu September 5

Thomas Ferland  September 6 

Anya Patel September 6

Julianna Lumpkin  September 6

Lee Chandler  September 7

Izzie Garth  September 9

Lena Ungerman  September 9

Kymel Williams  September 9

Camden Lang September 10

Alex Elkabbani  September 10

Cole Dowd  September 11

Zhenxi Li  September 11


quote of the week

When “I” is replaced with “WE”, even illness becomes wellness.

Malcolm X



Albert Einstein was offered presidency of Israel.


Spartan Spotlight- Sarah Harrison


image (22)

“Sarah has had a great start to the Cross Country season.  She is a veteran who has always been competitive.  This year, she seems confident and relaxed in her races.  That comes from the experience she has had over the years.  I look forward to cheering on Sarah throughout her senior year!”  Geoffrey Walton, Head Coach

image (23)

“Jackson is the unquestioned top runner on this year’s team.  Coming off a tremendous track season last Spring, he put in good training this summer.  That has paid off with 3 solid races to start the season including the Overall fastest time at the Northeast Georgia Championships.  Jackson is looking strong this season!” Geoffrey Walton, Head Coach

image (24)


image (25)



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

College Visit Formstack



Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

Class of 2026 Service Log


useful links

Vehicle Registration 


Click HERE to see our A/B rotation schedule!

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