The ACAD Daily Monday, Sept.12





9:00-9:30 Special Presentation on 9/11 Remembrance – Everyone to PH

9:30-10:15 Class Meetings – Announcements, Class Officer Speeches 

9th:  Science and Art Amphitheater

10th:  Warner (Bertelsmann) Amphitheater

11th: Tillman Center

12th: PH

10:15-10:45 Advisory – (Regular Advisory Locations) Voting for Class Officers – Ballots sent from Mrs. Farmer (Student leaders set up tables and then go to PH)

10:45-11:30 Club Draft Assembly – Everyone to PH – sit by advisory

11:30-12:30 Visit Club Tables (upstairs and downstairs of SA) and Pizza Lunch (served in SA amphitheater)

12:30-2:30 Afternoon Activities (Locations emailed to you from your teacher sponsor)

2:30-3:00 Advisory (Your regular advisory locations)

Check out our first ACAD UPDATE!

The deadline for student-led course changes is Wednesday, September 21. Please use this form when making a request.

Happy Birthday

Renee Cargill September 14

Shelby Ladner September 14

Graham Menzies September 15

Mrs. Bowles September 16

Ethan Lopez September 17

Coach Petroski September 17

Price West September 18


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