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Monday – A Week, A Day   9:45 Advisory

Tuesday – A Week, B Day    9:45 MMM

Wednesday – A Week, A Day     Late Start

Thursday – A Week, B Day   9:45 Seminar

Friday – A Week, A Day   9:45 Club Meetings


Congratulations to your new Class Officers!
President: Hanns Billmayer
Vice President: Rhodes Kleiber
Communications: Taylor Leach
Events: Robbie Dillon
President: Matt Can
Vice President: AJ Chambers
Communications: Charlie Hutton
Events: Andrew Jang
President: Reese Jarrard
Vice President: Luke De La Fuente
Communications: Oswaldo Jara-Rivera
Events: Renee Cargill
President:  Reese Walton
Vice President:  Charlie Walton
Communications: Anshi Patel
Events: Penn Davis
* If you have ideas for an overall Homecoming theme, please share them with your class officers who will share with the rest of Student Council this Friday. We will then vote. After that, we’ll send out ballots for specific class themes. 
* Example: Overall theme – Disney Movies. Class Themes: Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

john arnold


Jiya Patel - SOTW

Jiya has been such a positive presence for our team this season! She has stepped up and played a huge role for us this past month. Her energy and great attitude have been contagious and her teammates and coaches really appreciate what she brings to the team both on and off the court.  Keep up the great work and congratulations, Jiya! – Jane Thomas, Head Coach Varsity Volleyball
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Don’t forget!

The deadline for student-led course changes is Wednesday, September 21. Please use this form when making a request,

Homecoming 2022 is around the corner!!!! October 17- October 22

Homecoming Dance: Saturday, Oct. 22 8:30-11:00 Baseball Facility

If you are planning on bringing a guest from another school, please complete this form:

Due: Wednesday, Oct. 19 by 4:00pm

Guest Registration Form

Happy Birthday

Kayla Wilkins Saturday September 17

Hampton Johnson Tuesday September 20

Boone Presnell Tuesday September 20

Lucy Rentz Thursday September 22

Sam Laughlin Friday September 23

Sean Jensen Friday September 23

Alex Tally Saturday September 24

Josie Collins Saturday September 24

Rachal Reininger Saturday September 24

Ms. Watson Saturday September 24

Julia Krehbiel Sunday September 25

John Maxwell McKillip Sunday September 25


quote of the week




Abraham Lincoln did not have a middle name.



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

College Visit Formstack



Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

Class of 2026 Service Log


useful links

Vehicle Registration 


Click HERE to see our A/B rotation schedule!

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