The ACAD Daily Tuesday, Dec.13


Good Luck This Week!


1) Here’s the EXAM schedule. Remember that you are expected to attend your academic classes. You do not need to be on campus for your non-academic electives (PE, art, orchestra etc), a study hall, or a free period.. But if you do want to be on campus and need a good place to study, all the usual study spaces are open and W-1 will also be available.
2) The Tillman Center will be open for US lunch from 11:55-12:25. You may want to bring some snacks and a water bottle.
3) You may wear your comfy, test-taking clothes — yes, you may dress down for your exams — Yay!

A treat for you!

Stop by SA between 11:00-12:30

for some free coffee or hot chocolate!

Brought to you by the ESP club!

Madeline Ransom - SOTW

“Madeline has brought energy, fun, and leadership to our team this season. She is always creating new drills, looking for ways to make her teammates successful, and has worked extremely hard to come back from preseason surgery. She is a caring, influential leader with a kind spirit and feisty attitude. Thank you for being a slay Spartan!”– Brian Olson, Head Coach Varsity Girls Basketball
William McKillip - SOTW
William has provided GREAT Senior Leadership, helping the Spartans to get off to a fast start in our young season. He shows up EVERY day with great energy, a very coachable attitude and relentless effort. Through our first six games he is our leading rebounder and one of our best defenders. William is a great teammate and represents everything good about being a Spartan! – Don Hurlburt, Head Coach Varsity Boys Basketball




Happy Birthday

Elizabeth Raeber Monday December 12

Wallace Trapnell Tuesday December 13

Coach Hodge Tuesday December 13

Adyson Griggs Friday December 16

Smith Olmstead Friday December 16

Magnolia Bostwick Saturday December 17

Henry Stokes Saturday December 17

Asa Winter-Shirey Sunday December 18

Ricky Chastain Monday December 19

Emma Hooper Tuesday December 20

Isabella Salguero Monday December 21

Eve Carrigan Thursday December 22

Collin Edge Friday December 23

Andi Kerr Friday December 23

Sam Tally Saturday December 24

Kartik Menke Saturday December 24

Sarah Woody Saturday December 24

Veronika Babbitt Monday December 26

Julia Drake Monday December 26

Janie O’Neill Tuesday December 27

Wes O’Neill Tuesday December 27

Coach Hill Monday December 28

George McMaster Thursday December 29

Ms. Boyd Friday December 30

KJ Whitehead Saturday December 31

Amy Tran Saturday December 31

Coach Banks Saturday December 31




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