The ACAD Daily Monday, April 17




Monday –  A Week, A Day, 9:45 Advisory, 3:20 AP Block 4 Tutorial

Tuesday – A Week, B Day, 9:45 MMM, 3:20 AP Block 8 Tutorial

Wednesday – A Week, A Day, 3:20 AP Block 2 Tutorial

Thursday – A Week, B Day, 9:45 Seminar, 3:20 Block 7 Tutorial

Friday – A Week, A Day, 9:45 Clubs (SENIORS: SIX FLAGS)



The play “low expectations sketch comedy show” runs this week Thursday- Saturday at 7:30pm in the PH. Admission is determined by the roll of a di.


Please join the US Orchestra for their Spring Concert on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the Bertelsmann Presentation Hall. Our senior musicians – Simms Murray, Sarah Harrison, Olivia Nealy, Karan Tongia, and Collin Edge will be recognized and a reception will follow the concert celebrating all of our US orchestra musicians! 

Congratulations to Austin McGee for breaking his own ACAD Track 100m record with a time of 10.71 Previously (10.79)


Volleyball net Clip art Image - volleyball png download - 999*999 ...Serving Up a CureVolleyball net Clip art Image - volleyball png download - 999*999 ...

April 27

Special Schedule:

Block 1 8:10-9:15 (65 min)

Block 2 9:20-10:25 (65 min)

Break 10:25-10:35 (10 min)

Block 4 10:40-11:45 (65 min)

Block 3 11:50-12:55 (65 min)

Lunch 1:00 – 1:55  (lunch provided) 

      Special 2:00 – 3:20 

Team Sign-Up’s on Deans’ Door. $10/person.

Lunch Provided

Happy Birthday

Finn McElroy Monday April 17

Dylan Chambers Tuesday April 18

Jack Hardin Tuesday April 18

Thomas Borst Wednesday April 19

Nina Kline Wednesday April 19  

Anvesha Das Wednesday April 19

Connor Schoenfeld  Wednesday April 19

McKenna Friesen Thursday April 20



quote of the week

“Know this, you can bounce back from anything.”

-Austin McGee



See the source image

In 1981, the Rolling Stones sang “A smile relieves a heart that grieves.” Now, research is showing this to be true. Even a “fake smile” tricks the brain and causes the release of happiness hormones. Watch this interesting video to learn even more about this. AND if you want to learn other ways to increase your happiness, read this brief article to learn how to trigger the release of your happiness hormones- Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphins.


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Upper School Code of Conduct 

Upper School Dress Code

Vehicle Registration 



Blue Sheet Link

College Visit Calendar 

College Visit Formstack



Class of 2023 Service Log

Class of 2024 Service Log

Class of 2025 Service Log

Class of 2026 Service Log



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