The ACAD Daily Thursday 8.23.18

Happy Birthday

Lil Yachty, Kobe Bryant, Gene Kelly, Rick Springfield, Scott Caan, Antonia Novello,

King Louis XVI of France

Core Values


Hayes Miller, Elizabeth Walker and Tommy Warner showed KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when they volunteered to help Ms. Sensing carry lots of heavy things.

Theo Chronos and George Smith came into Ms. Chester’s class and tucked their shirts to start the day showing RESPECT for the dress code.

Alex Branch showed COURAGE and INTEGRITY when he shared his own story of honor and making good choices during the Honor Statement Signing Ceremony.

Alex Branch, Franklin Burns, Lillian Glushka, Mason Harvill, Colton Kennedy, Celeste Covington, Catie Elder, Moira Lockwood, Charlotte Luke, Georgia Parris, AJ Peppers, Ellie Crosland, Dru Hunt, Ava Kennedy, Kate Kleiber, Owen Lange, Malcolm Marett, Imana Adogu, Asa Drudge, Mae Kline, Ethan Markewitz, Ingrid Nilsson, and Robert Reynolds displayed TEAMWORK and RESPECT when they helped to lead the Honor Signing Ceremony and hosted a Reception afterwards for the student body.


 Color Schedule 2018-2019

Today is a Day 4


The Drama Club Annual Back to School Party was held Saturday, August 18 at the home of Eleanor Connolly.  Music, food, games, and pool time fun-filled the evening.  Thirty-five Spartans 9th-12th grade attended!

Students can access daily class schedules by going to SpartanNet, My Day, Schedule and Performance, and then clicking LIST VIEW.

Club Draft Day is Sept. 5 at the Chambers Center Quad. Questions about Clubs at Athens Academy CLICK HERE

Art Opening in Myers Gallery this Sunday 1:00-3:00.

Upper School Parents’ Night this coming Monday, August 27, 5:30-8:30. More information coming soon!

UGA Summer Young Dawgs—The University of Georgia Young Dawgs Program is a high school internship program designed to provide high school sophomores and juniors opportunities to do an internship at UGA. The summer dates are May 28 to July 3. There is no cost to participate. Students must have a minimum 3.7 GPA.  Jim Geiser will be on campus Wednesday, August 29 with more information or you may also contact Jim Geiser at

Reminder to all students who have class downstairs in SA:  You must wait to enter the classroom until your teacher is present.  This doesn’t mean just any teacher, but your instructor for the class meeting at that time.  Thank you for your help with this!

Athletics This Week

Thursday 8.23

JV Football vs. Hebron 6:00pm
JV Volleyball vs. Morgan County 5:00pm and vs. Oconee County 7:00pm
Varsity Volleyball vs. Morgan County 5:00pm and vs. Oconee County 7:00pm

Full Athletic Schedule Week 8.20


Athens Area Homeless Shelter, 620 Barber Street Athens GA 30601

Thank you to Mrs. Newland’s advisory for volunteering to work Shelter this Friday! Please join us every Friday from 4:30-5:30pm! If you are planning on attending please confirm to


2018-19 Youth Leadership Oconee Applications are available using the link below. Current 10th and 11th grade students who want to further develop their leadership skills and channel those skills towards helping others and improving their community should apply! Before applying make sure to review program dates and attendance requirements. Deadline for submission is Friday, August 24.




From the College Counseling Office

August Deadlines:
Friday 8.31 – UGA Early Action Blue Sheets Due!

Upcoming College Visits:
Wednesday August 29 – UNG 12:00pm Guidance Suite
Wednesday September 5 – Berry College 12:00pm Guidance Suite
Monday September 17 – Duke


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