The ACAD Daily Thursday, 3.19.20

Day 1

Happy Birthday

Hayden Wood

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Spartan Health Tracker

Questions and Answers

      • What should I wear?
        • Virtual Dress Guidelines:  T-shirts are permitted (logos must be appropriate for our school environment – no alcohol, political, or offensive language). You must wear a shirt and tank tops are not permitted. Athletic wear, which includes shorts, sweatpants, leggings, and yoga pants, is permitted.
      • Where should I set up?
        • Try to find a quiet place
        • Think about background noise
        • Nothing too distracting going on behind you
      • Can I eat/drink during a video class?
        • Perhaps ask your teacher on that one, but mind your noise.  No one wants to hear “Captain Crunch” in the background (but you can mute yourself and turn off camera if necessary)
      • What if I cannot connect or have technological issues?
        • Sessions will hopefully be recorded
        • Tech Support is open and you can contact them – 706-433-2532.
        • Your advisors and teachers will also help.  There will be snafus, but we will lead with patience, grace and understanding.


TxtAboutIt Description for US Students

Class of 2020 Service Log

Class of 2021 Service Log

Class of 2022 Service Log

Class of 2023 Service Log

Service and Leadership frequently Asked Questions 


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